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I want to purchase a membership for my team. Are there group memberships?

Yes & No.

We don’t technically have a group membership available. That said, we have teams that have purchased a set number of individual memberships and allocate them to their team members as needed. The memberships can be interchanged and shared between team members, so long as the number of team members in the space does not exceed the number of memberships at any given time.

Do you have a trial period?


Your first day in the space is on us. You will have access to the Main Floor open seating, coffee, and high-speed internet access.

When are you open?


We’re open 8am-5pm Monday-Friday!

What are the perks and benefits of my membership?

Find all perks below:

+Fast, reliable, free wifi
+CoWork’s unique coffee brew
+Free Color printer/scanner/copier
+Reservable Spaces at discounted price
+Variety of seating/standing options
+Sense of community & networking opportunities

Do I have to be a member to use the conference room/private office?


All are welcome to rent both the conference room or private office on an hourly basis. (1-4 hours at a time.) The conference room is $35 an hour, and the private office is $15 an hour for non-members. These spaces must be booked in advance.

What are the phone rules?

Be considerate.

CoWork asks that you take phone calls outside, or into the conference room or private office if they’re available. For scheduled calls over 15 minutes, please reserve the conference room or private office in advance.

Do I have to be a member, or can I just stop by?

$20 Day Pass

Non-members must purchase a Day Pass to work from the space. After purchase, the individual will then have access to all amenities within the entire space.

Can I have mail delivered to CoWork?


CoWork is happy to receive mail on behalf of members who are registered at Opus Virtual Offices.

Do you have lockers or somewhere I can leave my stuff?

Sort of.

Though we do not have lockers, nor do we recommend you leave your belongings at CoWork overnight, we do have lockable file cabinets beside each desk. These can be used to store your laptop/valuables if you’d like to leave for lunch, for example.

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